About us


Since January 2008 we have been meeting regularly every Tuesday to sing gospel. The words of our songs are full of joy and hope, which we want to live inside of us, even as we share them with others. In order to do this, we put on concerts every year, as well as taking part in charitable and family events.

When our rehearsal begins we are all pretty tired after a long day, but then we start to relax. While our diaphragms work hard, our souls and minds recover.

We love our Tuesday evening rehearsals with their fun warm-ups, old and new songs, prayer and breaks, though the breaks always seem too short to have a chat with everybody!

We came to the choir for a variety of reasons and at different stages of life. If you dream about singing in a gospel choir like we did, we invite you to join our ecumenical, multigenerational group, in which every voice is valued and needed. You will have no audition, but a lot of opportunity to establish closer contact with people and with God. During these few short years we have already learned that being in a choir unites us and makes us happier.


‘Grodzka Gospel’ is named after the street where the choir originally rehearsed: medieval Grodzka Street in the center of Cracow.
Now we meet at Wyspiańskiego 4.

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